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Rucas x BIMOPD Collaboration Campaign

Founded in 2018, Rubin Castor and the team created RUCAS, otherwise known as RUCAS.CO an Indonesian Designer Streetwear Label, We only provide the highest quality, denim-rooted, innovative products. Rest assured our designer denim will become an essential part of your everyday style.


Photography, Videography, Content Direction





Rucas releasing the most biggest collaboration in Indonesia with BIMOPD, with a limited piece of their denim pants

and amazing design

Our campaign target is to shown the luxurious of the denim pants, the detail using safari ambience which we can found on some location in Bali Indonesia


When it comes to successful brands,

consistency is everything.

Our experienced marketing team established brand guidelines and set a new standard for how Erigo present themselves across all channels.


The new guidelines helped them to position themselves as an authority in their niche, and to convey their personality and core values. Thanks to our direction in video- and photography their visual and verbal representation has never been stronger. 

Sand Dunes
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