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Road to Silk Activation Campaign

The Tui collection is a curated boutique offering unique, handmade clothing and accessories. Design, craftsmanship, quality of materials and technique are at the heart of the brand, with each timeless and luxurious piece created to be versatile enough to be styled differently and worn repeatedly.


Videography, Post Production


Tui Collection


2017 - Present

Tui Collection is a brand based on singapore. Road to Silk by Tui was created to solve her never-ending desire to find the perfect silk underlay for her extensive collection of sheer garments.

The 100% silk pieces have a sensual elegance and can be styled in multiple ways to accentuate and elevate any look. Each of the slips, teddies and camisoles are hand-stitched using the finest fabrics in a flattering palette of natural tones.

All of Tui’s collections embody her philosophy of creating long-lasting and easy-to-wear original pieces made using traditional methods and high quality materials. Her signature aesthetic combines a spirited femininity and carefree insouciance, ensuring each purchase has an enduring style and will be worn again and again.

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