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Activating a new product need a great campaign for engaging the right consumer by its uniqueness

01 Challenge

Tui's Collection is a brand based on singapore that selling women's fashion, from the head to toe. on the last spring session Tui would like to launch their Lingerie product. The mission is to show the lingerie design character which following the 60's Era, so we have to plan the tone and the video concept as the brief .


02 Solution

We work alongside with TUI's Team to established a strategy align with the brand vision and ambition to get inside a big market and to introduce the brands to the international market. By following the target and vision of Tui, we finally achieve our target


03 The Result

100% Vintage Concept

100% Tone Picture Target


04 Content Review


User Testimonials

Its a perfect outcome, it is definitely match with our vision

- Tui owner of Tui's Collection

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