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Fullhardy Upgrading Costumer Experience Through the Story and Content

Updated: May 24, 2019

Establishing a Brand and Content awareness, based on their vision to impact the Costumer Experience through Social Media

01 Challenge

Fullhardy is a vintage leather fashion's brand that believe that old is always be gold, and they aimed the local consumer who love a classic stuff and be casual. Their market target is 80% male and female for the rest.

They always comes up with a great design and concept. One of their favorite collection is the metamorph bag and pouch, we can change the way how we use and how we bring it. Our challenge was to simplify how their express their uniqueness and clarify their brand platform, and to create an identity system and e-commerce experience.


02 Solution

We work alongside with Fullhardy to established a strategy align with the brand vision and ambition to get inside a big market and to introduce the brands to the international market. From identity and content messaging, we brought their personality and style to deliver a content message to their consumer hoping that the brand vision will stuck in the consumer heart.

We also creating a consumer experience list that will targeted yearly so it has a great impact not just to selling but also for gaining the consumer immersion.


03 The Result

300% Increase in Selling

70% Increase in Unique Find in Social Media

94% Increase in Web Page Access


04 Content Review


Encouraging User

The intuitive experience we created is simple and comes alive to the beat of the ever-present Fullhardy Indonesia. When the user explores, they discover more collection pages that pair the product with inspiration, the experience rewards the user and appeals to their explorative nature.

Our content looks so amazing, and the result is beyond my expectation. Selling rate and exploration increasing high, and the story that we made give a positive impact to our beloved consumer

- Victor Setyono Owner of Fullhardy Indonesia

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