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Nomad Tribe Swimwear

It all started in 2016 in Bali, where Alessia and Jehanne, two Italian sisters, were taking a sabbatical year to be just mums of two.

Artist-dancer-choreographer Alessia and Jehanne, newly graduated from Marangoni, decided to put their amazing creative energies together to dream and further, design a swimsuit collection they had been searching for, but couldn’t find around.

DOP Rizky Satari

Photographer Tash Serena

Videographer Moch Miftah


Videography, Direction


Nomad Tribe Swim



They imagined a swimsuit that would feature a sleek body line, style and trend in a unique product. Soon after, they created their first bikini and one piece swimsuit. Settling into pregnancy "leftovers", feeling at ease, comfortable in their bodies and sexy made them realize the value of their personal creation. They also thought that if it felt so good wearing their product either to the beach, to pool parties or even to yoga or Pilates classes, why not offer it to friends and why not dream bigger, launching a collection in Europe?

The uniqueness of Bali, Island of Gods, inspires freedom and flawlessness. From that amazing lifestyle experience, the two sisters strengthened their nomadic spirit and took a walk on the wild side, creating a family business named Nomad Tribe Swim company.

In 2017, the official launch of Nomad Tribe Swim took place in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2018, Jehanne moved to Milano, needing to be closer to the fashion industry in order to anticipate the design and the production of fashion-forward collections.

Alessia, from her Geneva base, manages the look and feel of campaigns, promotion, photo/video shoots and is responsible with Jehanne of the overall image of the brand.

Some staff have joined forces to help Nomad Tribe Swim, to become a well-known and trusted brand, dear to its customers.


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