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On The Wild Side by Lulu Yasmine

Lulu Yasmine is a women’s clothing label founded in 2008 by Luiza Chang, a French Brazilian fashion designer. Before starting her own brand, Luiza had worked in the fashion industry for 10 years and crisscrossed the globe collecting trends and inspirations that she materialized in her collections later on.


Today Lulu Yasmine has grown into one of the leading fashion brands in Bali. Their clothing is available in four mono-brand boutiques across the island and online.





Lulu Yasmine



Lulu Yasmine is a fusion of chic and casual clothing that is designed to be effortless yet flattering and feminine. Each piece is made to praise the women’s beauty and show that every woman is gorgeous, no matter what age or body type she is.

Along with empowering women, Their mission is to support local craft communities and offer unique handmade designs: prints, beading, and embroidery that are used in our collections are exclusive and designed in-house by talented masters. All their items are hand-crafted and produced in a very limited amount, making it even more special for their customers.

Our challenge now is to create what is the owner vision so the audiences can grab her vision easily through our content.

These collection designed to celebrate a woman’s wonder : her spirit, her strength & her charm. Inspired by nature, animals and the world around us, their designed each piece to be as individual as the women who wear them.

By playing with intricate beading and embroidery, light linens, bold prints and body-loving silhouettes, Lulu Yasmin created a collection which effortlessly calls to all women - regardless of looks, background or culture.


We created a content based on what audience need and combined it with a content that following the global trend


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