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Bolon Eyewear

Bolon Eyewear, one of the top leading eyewear brand offers fashion, design & quality sunglasses and optical glasses.




Photography, videography, campaign direction

Bolon Eyewear

2018 - Present

bolon summer-19.JPG

We worked with Bolon Eyewear since 2017 till now, this time to develop a strategy in alignment with their brand vision and business goals to break into the international market.

By Showing their newest collection in Raw Retro Luxury pieces on Yacht in a Summer vibes for a timeless piece of Glassess that fit in every Season

When it comes to successful brands,

consistency is everything.

Our experienced marketing team established brand guidelines and set a new standard for how Bolon Eyewaer present themselves across all channels.


The new guidelines helped them to position themselves as an authority in their niche, and to convey their personality and core values. Thanks to our direction in video- and photography their visual and verbal representation has never been stronger.

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