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Dear Riviera by Beddoni

Beddoni's ready-to-rest line is just that. Our pieces have no wear by date, letting you flow from daydream to nightcap and everywhere in between.


Photography, videography





The magic is in the fabric. Beddoni undertake a conscious selection of textiles for our designs, focusing on non-synthetic fibres. Each piece embodies buttery soft comfort, second only to your own skin, which means your skin gets to breathe fully while staying dry. The bonus? Beddoni's perfectly tailored silhouette flatters all body shapes, because everyone deserves comfort.

Our target is to make the audience feel the emotion of the video, working together with Beddoni team we are established a content that eyecatching, moody, and make us feels like we want to rest with their collection

You can wear Beddoni under the covers or over your jeans, sprinkled with croissant crumbs and over the Sunday paper. Equally good for the dance floor as it is for your next coffee run. It takes you from candlelit dinner to neon-lit airport lounge faster than you can say versatile.

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